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When and When NOT to Outsource SEO

Setting up a website is essential for any business to succeed.  But once your website is up and running you can’t expect customers to just go wander onto the internet and find you. You have to do your best to make your website findable. The best way to do this is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO isn’t just a matter of popping in the right key words, though. Keywords are a part of it, but there’s also meta tags, link building and others ways to increase traffic to your website.

While SEO can be a fulltime job (and is for some) you have some options when it comes to your company website. You have the option of handling it in house or outsourcing it. There are several things that need to be considered before you decide whether or not to outsource your SEO.  While any number of things can affect your decision, below are the main things to consider when planning to outsource your SEO or keep it in house.

When to outsource

Time issues – If your company is already scheduled to the hilt, adding one more task to any employee or department may be an impossibility. If you don’t have the man hours or staff available to dedicate to your website’s SEO then outsourcing is most likely your only option. Because SEO is so important to the success of your website, and your business, you don’t an employee making a half-hearted attempt at it when he or she has the time.

Lack of knowledge – If no one at your company knows the first thing about search engine optimization, you may want to look into getting an SEO company to handle your website’s SEO needs. SEO is constantly changing and evolving. Because of this learning and keeping up with what’s happening with SEO can be a lot of work. And if your company doesn’t have anyone interested in learning the ins and outs of SEO, it won’t be getting the attention that it needs.

Already tried it in house – If you’ve already tried handling your company website’s SEO in house and you haven’t seen an increase in page ranking or traffic to the site, letting an outside company handle your SEO will be the best thing for you and your company. Reputable SEO companies guarantee an improvement in ranking and an increase in visitors.

When NOT to outsource

Not in the budget – If you don’t have the money, you don’t have the money. While outsourcing your SEO doesn’t have to come with an astronomical price tag, it does cost money. And in order for it to be done right the SEO company will be on your payroll for at least  a few months while things are analysed and set up. If you are a medium to large sized company you will most likely be able to rework your budget so that you can afford to hire an SEO company. But if you are a new or small business, odds are you just won’t be able to afford it.

Inside SEO expert – If you already has someone on staff who not only knows SEO but who enjoys it and keeps up on the changing dynamics then there is no need to outsource. Give him or her the time and tools that they need to keep up with the website’s SEO needs and you’re all set.

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