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The Key to Search Engine Optimisation

As the saying goes, patience is a virtue. Patience is one of the key parts to running a successful search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign.

Creating a website that will rank highly on search engines does not happen over night. There may be quick fixes (as there are in any industry), but quick fixes are usually short term and can lead to many problems further down the line. Despite this, SEO is still first when it comes to internet marketing.

If you’re new to the game, then you have to know that SEO isn’t an exact science; it’s a series of educated guesses. You’ll have to be prepared for the trails and problems that lie ahead and on many occasions there will be times where nothing seems to happen, but you’ll have to learn to ride this through.

After you have carried out the basic practices (optimised the content, obtained relevant backlinks), it is then a waiting game. Not only does it take time for the search engine spiders to crawl your website and to index appropriately, but there are also less known important factors that play an essential role.

Key to Search Engine Optimization

Trust is built over time

The older and more established your domain is the more influence you will have within the search engine world. It is thought that nearly 24% of Google Algorithm is on the trust and authority of the host domain – which can only be achieved by being patient (and of course by choosing backlinks carefully).

Always changing

The internet marketing industry is always changing. Technology is always advancing, and search engines are always updating their algorithms. With this in mind, companies have to constantly study and implement changes to stay top of their field.

With social media now firmly here to stay, people have also started to change the way they search. With sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Digg, it has become a lot easier to share information, and people are now basing their choice upon friend’s recommendations.

Work never stops

For most successful websites, work never stops. Companies will have to keep building links from directories, creating and distributing articles and sending out enquiries all of the time. This time should be seen as an investment, and even if you don’t initially see any results, keep going.

So hopefully by now, you will guess what I’m trying to get at. Be positive and keep working at what you’re wanting to achieve.

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