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SEO for e-Commerce Sites

Despite how big the internet is for your target markets, attracting visitors to your site requires commitment and correct Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process.

SEO is the overall term for the different ways in gaining search engine ranks. When there are high numbers of rankings there is a high possibility that it will be visited by online users. There are several patterns that contribute on SEO being successful. However not all formulas are applied to all types of websites, for example small to moderate size websites need one to five key phrases otherwise it’s not applicable for a website with more than a hundred pages.

SEO for a common website compare to SEO for an ecommerce site may also vary slightly due to the complexity for the site. We will focus on doing the right SEO for ecommerce sites.

Ecommerce can be bigger in sizes depending on the functionalities and number of products to offer. Coding is also dynamic compare to common sites, making the search engines harder to crawl though your dynamic site. Hence SEO for ecommerce site involves more than promoting the Meta keywords or descriptions per web page.

Unless an ecommerce site has a name already and with so many loyal buyers like John Lewis, Amazon, Ebay or, successful SEO is vital. Below are some effective SEO processes for ecommerce sites:

Specific Meta Keywords and Meta Descriptions Per Product

Meta tags coding is the web developer’s task. Normally the developer will only put the general Meta keywords set up on the first days of launching the site. Hence the ecommerce requires continuous updates even on back-end.

Specifics tags are necessary because these are what the customers will look on the search engines. For example, they will not type in “shopping online”, instead they will type, “buy furniture or buy sofa”, some will even type more specific like “buy red sofa”.

Link Building

Link Building as a popular SEO process is about submission of your link to relevant websites. Prevent subscribing to paid link submissions, not always but they may hurt your site reputation unless you get a true professional team. Link Building has limitation of link backs per month over that limitation; the search engines might ban your site.

If you hire an SEO team to work for your marketing, most of the times they will advise you and recommend you the best ways to acquire link to your site and at times they will include this in your SEO campaign.

Public Relations

Doing Public Relation is like link building too, you leave a link on the publishing sites going back to your site. However it’s more of leaving a deeper link, since you will also be educating your markets through news and press release writings. You can do articles for the new products, best selling products or even the least selling products, to whatever you want the market to know about your ecommerce site.

Relevant and Always Updated Contents

This is the most important SEO requirement. If Meta keywords and Meta descriptions are not up to date, and the contents on your website is not up to scratch, not only this will impact your marketing but also the users the use your site, as it will portray the image of your company

Enough contents attract search engines. However, no matter how much contents your site already has, you need to make ways to always update. Old contents might be demoted by search engines.  Therefore enough amount and newly updated contents are vital.

Above is a brief overview of what you can do when starting SEO on an e-commerce website.

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