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Link Building Basics: How People Actually Build Links?

There are various ways of getting links these days, many of which cause a lot of arguments between competing SEOs. Some SEOs say that the paid links are not as powerful as they used to be 6 months ago, whereas some SEOs say it is still very powerful. Who knows what paid links are? I personally think all these arguments are useless.


Let’s not forget this used to be one of the most beneficial methods of link building. But does it still work? I believe so, yes. It might not be as powerful as it used to be but it does appear to have a slight effect on rankings. There are thousands of free directories out there which you will be able to get links from, meaning this should be at least a small part of your output.

Another way adding your listing is via the paid option on those directories. Many people choose to pay the directories for their listing because it takes only few days for the directory to approve your listing. Whereas when you submit it as free it can take upto 3 to 4 months. But isn’t this a paid link? The term ‘paid link’ is extremely hard to define, and could perhaps best be described as links that upset natural user experience, rather than simply the literal definition.

Blog comments

Blog commenting is not a particularly good way of building natural links, but it is a technique that nearly every SEO will have used in the past.

Forum registration

Find relevant forums, register with them and you’ll be able to add a link either on your profile or in your signature. The process is extremely simple, but it’s a very time consuming way of building links.

Social Bookmarking

How could we leave this one out? There are thousands of social network sites out there, all of which allow you easy links to your website.

CSS Gallery

This is another type of directory where you can submit your website. All you have to do is add the website and then validate your html and css files as these css directories tend to check if it validates correctly. If it has got errors in it, it won’t be accepted by the CSS directories.

Use W3C validator to check your site. This is what you should see:

Article Marketing

One of the best methods of getting links is to write an article about the product and then have a link to that product’s page from the article. This is not rocket science and is probably a method many SEOs currently use.

Guest blogging

This is the big thing around these days. How can you get links through guest blogging? Simple: have a link on your bio. Write a post, put a bio at the bottom and there you have your link.

Where to find blogs?

  • One way is through my blog guest”. You be will be able to get in touch with blog owners who are looking for blog writers.
  • Another way is to find it manually through search engines, then contacting the blog owners directly.
  • If you have a lot of clients, do they have blogs? Why not write for your client about their product, but have a link going to another of your clients.

Link Bait

This can be anything from infographics, videos, blog posts or anything else that will gain traction with audiences. The idea here is that quality, relevant content will cause other blog owners and webmasters to link to the content on their own pages, meaning the links are coming in to you.

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