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Is Your SEO Social Enough?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital to doing business on the internet. No, not everyone who is on the internet needs to use SEO, but if you are offering any kind of product, service, or want your opinion to be read, you need SEO.

Just 25 short years ago, the internet was simply a tool for scientists. Cell phones were big bulky things that cost a bundle and were hideous to carry. Ten years later, the internet was starting to invade the common person’s environment and cell phones got smaller. Five years later, more than half the planet is surfing the World Wide Web and carrying a cell phone in their pocket.

Social Networking

Over the last five years, we’ve been seized by social media. Places like FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, Linkedin, and all sorts of social networking hubs have popped up like dandelions on a sunny day.

SEO is mostly about building links, and using keywords, to distinguish your goods and services. You want links inside pointing inside your site, inside pointing out, and outside pointing in. We won’t get into keywords here, but you need them, too.

Social networking builds all kinds of links to and from your site. It also brings a different group of people to your store or services.

Places like FaceBook, Linkedin, and MySpace are like virtual picnic areas with billboards. You can gather there, talk about stuff, look at interesting things, share what you know, and build camaraderie’s. Twitter is like the news scroll on the bottom of your television screen. You post the latest hot news, offer the latest deals, or dangle the carrot.

Using Social Networks

Both are effective if you use them right, and both can bring potential business to you that wouldn’t have come to you through search methods. If you need something like data recovery services, you don’t have to rely on search alone anymore. You can use your social networks, “talk” to people, and refer people, too!

Instead of gathering down at the town square, people are gathering at the town network and sharing what they know. It’s word-of-mouth by typing. There’s no telling where this will all be in ten or twenty years, but it’s a highly effective tool to use today. Using social networks to complement your SEO efforts is smart business.

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