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How to Produce Fresh Content and Copy Everyday for SEO

Fresh and relevant content is becoming more and more important to SEO and establishing rankings, both for money terms and in the long tail. It may be easy to tell people “generate fresh content on a daily basis,” but in the long run, writing an article or blog post everyday can be tiring and troublesome, especially when an SEO manager has multiple things to do and reports to digest.

Some of us turn to copywriters to produce content, some turn to content generation services, but in the long run, sometimes it’s even difficult to manage these writers or produce a long term editorial calendar. To help the SEO’s and copy editors out there looking to juggle these tasks, I’ve put together some ideas on producing and managing content.

I’ve found in my days as an SEO and consultant that a lot of companies turn to copywriters when the real experts are right under their noses. One client would call me everyday to talk about his industry for ten or twenty minutes, then would call back later complaining that he couldn’t think of anything to write about for his blog. The fact is, those ten or twenty minutes of blabbing is equivalent to about 3 or 4 high quality and relevant blog posts.

In order to plan out a blogging or content strategy, I recommend turning to a diverse group of resources for your blog, to keep things fresh and exciting :

  1. Hire a copywriter to write two or three quality blog posts per week, and maybe a couple of quick ones in between. You can pay per post, or have them on retainer, and by having them concentrate on quality articles, you will get a lot of bang for your investment.
  2. Tap into your co-workers for blog post or article ideas once a month. Most people are scared or reluctant to be creative, so make this fun by turning into a lunchtime game or brainstorming meeting (throw the ball around and shout out ideas). Then put all of the good ones into a spreadsheet. There’s your new editorial calendar!
  3. Now that you have all of these cool ideas, try Text Broker, a content generation marketplace which matches your ideas with quality copywriters (with strengths in various categories) who accept jobs and deliver them to you in a timely manner, matching your asking price on the piece of content. If you don’t like the content, you can refuse it or ask for a rewrite. If you like it, you can “favorite” the copywriter and work with them via the Text Broker system in the future. Text Broker gives a reasonably priced fixed-word-rate or direct negotiations to get the best price possible. through some “Top 10″ lists and “How-To” tutorials and you’ll be surpised as these are picked up via StumbleUpon, Twitter and via search over time.
  4. Identify the employees in your company (or your clients’) who can write and set up a system where they write one article per week. Anyone can write once a week, that’s a given. If you find 5 people, that’s 5 articles per week!
  5. Search on Craigslist for local experts in the fields you are publishing about. In today’s economy, everyone needs some extra cash and you should be able to tap into several good writers whether they be stay at home mommies or daddies, laid off workers or retirees. Who knows, you may find the next pro-blogger of your niche!
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