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How To Get Backlinks With Index Driver Sites

Index driver sites are websites whose main goal is to increase the indexing power of your content.  It can also be used to index other people’s content, too.

Later on in this post you’ll see why you might want to index other people’s content in addition to your own.

How does an Index Driver site work?

  1. The easiest way to create an index driver site is to use WordPress and some aggregation plugins for RSS feed like WP O Matic , FeedWordPress and a slew of others.
  2. You set up your blog to pull RSS feeds from your sites or other sites
  3. Then you write quick little introductory snippets explaining the content you’ve “scraped”
  4. At end of intro to the source content, you link to the source of the content

NOTE: With WP O Matic, you have the option of letting other site owners that you’ve ping-ed them or trackback-ed them and this usually results in a link back from the source site when they leave the pingback or trackback up on their site in comments area.

How does this help get other site URLs “better indexed”

If you have a site like this posting regularly, then the spiders should be coming to the site frequently, which means it’s getting new content indexed rather quickly.  Therefore, if this site is getting spidered frequently, then its links to other sites will get picked up frequently, too.

This means backlinks from this “index driver” site will get noticed sooner rather than later.

But aside from the linking accreditation, the real value to this is the indexing power.  When you blog and ping you usually get indexed pretty quickly, but if you blog and ping AND get linked to from another site, that provides longer lasting indexing for your URLS.

I like to use Delicious Links and Twitter Link Wheels to add value and leveraging power to my Index Driver sites/mechanism.

If you scrape enough feeds and rewrite their content while always sourcing them and linking to them, your semi-automated blog will become a resource in and of itself.  Good resources get linked to, plain and simple.

But on a more realistic note, you will at least get some backlinks via trackbacks that people publish on their sites when you link to them.  Over time this adds up too. Also, as mentioned above, you want to add Delicious, Twitter, and various other syndication channels into the mix here to increase content exposure and indexing power.

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