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How to Buy the Right Aged Domain and Getting it Indexed Fast

Why Buy an Aged Domain

There are a number of a reasons for purchasing an old site, some of the most common are.

  1. Competition: Purchasing a competitor in your niche can sometimes be a lot easier than attempting to outrank them.
  2. Link Equity: Aged domains can pass on link equity to a money site. I wouldn’t recommend 301 redirecting aged domains for link equity if they are not related to your market.
  3. Domain Name: You may just want to purchase a domain name that is more suited to your business (for branding reasons).

What to Look out For

There are many issues with purchasing an aged domain. Some of the biggest are:

  • Loss of PR (I find 1 in 3 purchases drops in PR)
  • Getting Indexed – If you choose the wrong domain, often it will not get reindexed with your new content.
  • Fake PR – Lots of sites are sold with fake PR

When purchasing an aged domain, the following checks are essential:

1. On Google run the command This will tell you if the site being sold is in fact a redirect or not (ensuring you don’t purchase a site with fake PR).

2. On Google run the command The more pages indexed in Google the better. Make note of any inner pages that carry PR.  Two effective ways of determining the PR of inner pages are:

  • Install the Mozilla plugins “SEO for Firefox” or “SEOQuake Toolbar”, turn on and run the site command above.
  • Install the “PaRaMeter” desktop application. It will extract all indexed pages of a website and return their PR.

3. Check backlinks in Yahoo Site Explorer and I also recommend As with the point above, you can turn on those firefox plugins to check what links have existing PR. You want to ensure the site has a lot of market relevant backlinks.

4. Make sure you check to establish a sites history.

5. Search for the domain name. This is something I always do. It often throws up interesting forum posts, profile links, all sorts of data to look over and ensure you make an informed choice before purchasing.

6. Check the age of the site using

Getting It Indexed

There have been occasions when it has taken me a while to get an aged domain reindexed. The following are some of the best methods to get your site crawled fast:

1. Dynamic Pages

There are many sites that allow you to enter a domain and a dynamic page will be created with a link back to that site. These are big sites that are crawled a lot. For example:

2. Ping

Everyone should know about pinging your sites to get them crawled. One of the best tools out there is PingGoat.

Where to get an Aged Domain

  1. Godaddy Tdnam –
  2. FreshDrop
  3. Domain Samurai (Integrated with MarketSamurai)
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