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Does a Site ‘SEO’ Itself?

Build it and they will come

The phrase that has been floating around for centuries to describe everything from watering holes (i.e. bars) to superstores to petrol stations and now can be applied to websites. The thought behind such a term is to inspire a focus on quality, if you build something that will be well received there will naturally be waves of people flocking to experience it.

As an SEO engineer I have witnessed some of the greatest sites stay unnoticed because of the marketing behind it has meant that absolutely no one is coming across the site naturally and the visibility has been close to zero.

To stand half a chance of ranking your site you need to spend double the time on website creation. The hardest part of the job is creating a well structured website with some great calls to action and something new to create an enjoyable user experience on site. With all of this in place, some good keyword research and correctly optimised title and headers and great on site copy, you still need to spread the word about your site.

Spreading the word is a lot harder these days than it once was and getting your site to go ‘viral’ is something you may be waiting a long time for.

The aim for every site is for it to gain links naturally and to do this your content needs to be interesting enough for people to want to write about it and link to it. What happens in the real world is that this wouldn’t happen, or if it genuinely does it would take much longer than would be acceptable.

The majority of traffic from organic search for a new site will be through brand or long tail search queries. The better the structure of the site, the better the Google bot will be able to explore your site and index all your pages. If you write close to your niche in an onsite blog, chances are that’ll help bring traffic in. Build up Twitter following and personalize your messages, create a custom site on Facebook and let people comment on your site using their Facebook profiles, it is a great way for people to get connected and you would be surprised how effective these practices can be.

All this can be done without “SEO” but as the market matures each and every SEO engineer has to mature into a digital marketer and understand all other aspects of the marketing mix. SEO isn’t just using spam tactics to push up a website. It is a deeper understanding of how the web works and how to get the most out of this amazing resource.

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