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How to Optimize Your Business for Local Search

Local search is where many businesses are losing out on a lot of potential traffic and consumers. As fewer people turn to their phone books today, and go to their search engine with specific needs in mind, it is important for your business to appear in those results. If you are not optimized for local search, you […]

How To Acquire High Quality Links By Leveraging Wikipedia

Link building while trying to leverage the authority of Wikipedia is one of the biggest frustrations to SEO’s industry-wide – and it’s pretty easy to see why. Which reason do you typically go with? High rankings for almost every keyword query. Nofollow attributes on all external links. Incredibly picky human editors. Because of that perceived lack of value to improving […]

How To Turn Blackhat SEO Into Whitehat SEO

There are always ways to turn bad into good. However, this is especially true with search engine optimization. People have been using questionable techniques to rank high in search engines for years. As a result, people have been penalized on or even banned from search engines for years. But nobody said you can’t turn blackhat […]

How to Really Make Your Internal Links Work Hard For You

External hyperlinks are great for SEO, but it’s the internal variety that you can manipulate to your heart’s content and optimise for search engines. Given this level of control you have over your own links, are you sure they are working as hard as they can be for you? If they aren’t complying to the […]

How to SEO Wikipedia Style

If you have been in the internet marketing game for any length of time, chances are that you have run up against a highly-ranked Wikipedia page in your search vertical. SEO is no exception. Not only does Wikipedia have the first two spots, but it also has a “Show more results from the wiki” underneath […]

How to Choose the Right Keywords for SEO

The very first and most important step you should do when starting a search engine optimisation campaign, is to sit down and choose the correct keywords. Keywords are the phrases that potential visitors will type into search engines to find your website. Anyone can think of relevant keywords for their business, but to be successful you […]

6 (Effective and Not) Ways to Remove the Page from Search Engine Results

There are times when we would like Google and other search engines to completely remove a URL from search engine results. These would be incidents like accidentally leaving personal information on the web page or website being bombarded with spammers, etc. In these critical moments, webmasters can take several actions to remove the URL of […]

How to Follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to Keep Safe from Penalties

If you’re serious about doing SEO, you need to make sure you follow the rules to stay in the good graces of the current primary search engine. Google has several guidelines on how sites should be constructed. Follow these to keep your SEO performing well. Ignore them at your own peril. The main reason to […]

How to Tell if a Blog Link is Gold or Rotten

Sometimes when you’re on the prowl looking to acquire links via link trades, buying links or contributing optimized content to a blog in return for a link or two, you can run into some sites which may seem like you’ve struck link gold .. but these opportunities may prove too good to be true. Case in point, […]

How to Produce Fresh Content and Copy Everyday for SEO

Fresh and relevant content is becoming more and more important to SEO and establishing rankings, both for money terms and in the long tail. It may be easy to tell people “generate fresh content on a daily basis,” but in the long run, writing an article or blog post everyday can be tiring and troublesome, […]

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