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SEO for e-Commerce Sites

Despite how big the internet is for your target markets, attracting visitors to your site requires commitment and correct Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process. SEO is the overall term for the different ways in gaining search engine ranks. When there are high numbers of rankings there is a high possibility that it will be visited […]

Link Building Basics: How People Actually Build Links?

There are various ways of getting links these days, many of which cause a lot of arguments between competing SEOs. Some SEOs say that the paid links are not as powerful as they used to be 6 months ago, whereas some SEOs say it is still very powerful. Who knows what paid links are? I personally think […]

3 New Ways to Reuse Old Articles to Triple Your Backlinks

Welcome to the Playing Field After all this time that we’ve spent in SEO-related fields, we all have learned how important link-building is to SEO efforts. After all this time, we have all also discovered, no doubt, that one of the best ways to get an easy backlink is to submit an article to a […]

Simple But Catastrophic Errors With Canonical Links

The canonical tag, introduced by Google early in 2009 was supposed to resolve many duplicate content worries. It seems to simple to be true though and even though Google claim that the canonical tag is a “hint” rather than a directive, many people have had catastrophic results just because they didn’t apply it right. In theory, pages […]

Prioritise Your Link Building to Increase Traffic Fast

It is common for people to focus on a core set of terms when performing SEO for their website or a client’s site. However I have seen many examples where people continue to beat their head against a wall trying to rank number 1 for a key phrase that is simply not worth the effort. […]

Basic but Essential SEO Link Building Tips

Link building is a very important part of the SEO process and probably the most affordable and quick way to increase your website’s popularity. There must be thousands of different ways to gain good amount of quality backlinks, but in this short article I will show you some of the simplest and free techniques to do […]

How To Turn Blackhat SEO Into Whitehat SEO

There are always ways to turn bad into good. However, this is especially true with search engine optimization. People have been using questionable techniques to rank high in search engines for years. As a result, people have been penalized on or even banned from search engines for years. But nobody said you can’t turn blackhat […]

How to Buy the Right Aged Domain and Getting it Indexed Fast

Why Buy an Aged Domain There are a number of a reasons for purchasing an old site, some of the most common are. Competition: Purchasing a competitor in your niche can sometimes be a lot easier than attempting to outrank them. Link Equity: Aged domains can pass on link equity to a money site. I […]

4 Link Building Tips You Should Integrate Into Your SMM

The world of social media is an ever growing one. New sites are popping up every day, and so-called gurus or experts in social media marketing are aplenty, but we rarely hear about link building experts utilizing social media marketing to help in their efforts. There is a known connection between social and search, but […]

Does Link Building Through Marketing Really Work?

It’s been said early and often that the best form of SEO is to market your “brand” first and foremost. Marketing a particular product, service, website or brand in a lot of markets leads to links being given naturally. However, despite what anyone tells you natural link building doesn’t produce a horde of backlinks, editorial reviews, Diggs, or social media mentions […]

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