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Launching a new blog is a lot of fun, and so is building links to it. I have written about blog directories in the past, and used to own one, and honestly have been very shocked about how bad the quality has gotten with some of the blogosphere’s first directories.

Submitting your blog to an established human edited blog directory has many benefits besides additional exposure. Proper link building is a critical component of launching a new blog or helping grow an established blog and submitting to a respected blog directory helps give credibility to your blog from the perspective of search engines.

How do you tell if a Blog Directory is credible?

The key component in directory submission of any kind is that all listings are verified by a human before going live. By adding this critical component of editorial integrity quality directories help distinguish themselves from the herd. Many sites that claim to be directories are really just link farms.

  • If there is no editorial integrity how will they monitor the quality of the blogs listed in the directory?
  • Why should the engines consider it a positive vote from the site if anyone can get listed submitting any type of site?
  • Do you want your blog listed on a page that links to potentially bad neighborhoods, made for adsense blogs or inappropriate content?

What is a Quality Blog Directory?

A quality blog directory monitors each submission and grants access or denies based on criteria of the blog worthiness.

There is often a nominal fee charged for this service which covers the time of the editor to properly review a submission. This is what separates and makes directories such as, Yahoo and so special.

Getting listed in those directories tells the engines that the listing is spam free and human edited; this increases the trust associated with the site being submitted. Without this component the directory becomes a free for all link farm. What’s the value in being listed somewhere if they’ll list anything? There is none.

This blog directory list is short and sweet. 5 quality blog directories that exert editorial control and will help grow the online presence of your blog in a positive manner.

1) Best of the Web Blogs

Best of the Web is one of the oldest and most heavily promoted web directories on the web. Recently they added a directory exclusively to blogs. They exert editorial control and maintain a large database of spam free blogs. BOTW is one of the most recognizable names in the directory business. Getting your blog listed in their blog directory is of value and will cost you a fraction of what they are charging for websites.

2) Bloggeries

Bloggeries is a growing and respected human edited blog directory that caters only to bloggers. It’s also the only blog directory on this list that offers deeplinks or seperate links on the listing page to inner pages of the blog submitted. This helps promote inner pages of your blog and not just the main home page. Each listing receives its own unique details page with 3- 5 additional deeplinks.

3) Delightful Blogs

Delight Blogs is a quality blog directory that manually reviews all submissions before they go live. It has been around a long time and continues to be one of the few blog directories that maintains a respectable spam free database.

4) EatonWeb Blog Directory

EatonWeb maintains a strong select inclusion blog directory that charges a nominal fee for review. This is a well established blog directory that maintains strict editorial integrity like the others listed on this page.

5) Blog Announce

Blog Announce is another human edited blog directory that has been around for quite sometime and continues to selectively list blogs that meet their criteria. It’s a simple directory that makes submitting and finding blogs easy and hassle free. They also charge a nominal fee for the time required to ensure all listings meet the grade.

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