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But... we’re doing SEO the RIGHT Way.

So, you wanna learn about our story, huh?

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Well, Sonny,

Sit back, relax and grab a marshmallow.

Because this is going to be a good one.

18 years ago, back when SEO wasn’t even considered marketing.

I was a fresh university student ready to explore the wonders of work-life!

Like many kids, I earned my marketing degree and entered into a traditional marketing role.

But it didn’t make sense to me…. why broadcast a message to a wide audience in the lucky hope of getting results?

When we could hyper target millions of our customers using digital marketing.

So I started learning everything there was to know about digital and SEO.

Then I blended my traditional marketing principles with my new digital tactics…

And BOOMMM. The flood gates opened!

Not only was I using it to launch my own eCommerce businesses making thousands a day in sales…

But I was also getting poached by dream selling SEO agencies.

It wasn’t long before I accepted positions at so called “leading SEO agencies” and “award winning agencies”

Then the penny really dropped…

SEO agencies SUCK.

I mean, they REALLY SUCK.

And the reason they suck is that:

📢  1. They don’t care about their clients.

📢  2. They get away with thousands of $ through lock-in contracts.

📢  3. They demand sign-up fees without even getting any results.

Me and 3 colleagues concluded that these agencies were SHADY and are only in it for a quick buck.

That’s when we decided to build an SEO agency of our own.

But… one that doesn’t suck.

One that doesn’t take advantage of business owners.

And one that’s going to change the SEO industry someday.

That’s why we named ourselves Webzilla.

We’re a 1000 Foot Beast that’s bigger, better and more powerful.


Because we’re doing SEO the RIGHT Way.

The law of equivalent exchange never failed us.

To gain something, we must sacrifice another of equal value.

Hard work pays off, friends.

For 15 years, we’ve been developing, enhancing and inventing new SEO practices to generate organic traffic, relevant leads and higher sales for our clients to prosper.

Our mission is to destroy every shady agency out there whose main goal is to profit from you and run.

Ruining SME’s trust towards real SEO agencies like us.


If an agency asks for long term retainers, sign-up fees or offers unrealistic guarantees, RUN FAST.

We’ve seen hundreds of SEO agencies here in Australia that do exactly that.

Their only focus is revenue.

They were not founded by trained marketers…

The founders come from all walks of life… because they think SEO is easy money.

Unfortunately, there are no legal licenses like the legal and financial industries.

There should be.

And businesses come to us every day telling us the same thing:

🥺 “They ruined my website”

🥺 “My domain got penalised by Google”

🥺 “We wasted X amount of dollars on nothing”

The 3 of us, who started as henchmen for these shady agencies.

Are now the hard-working founders of Webzilla who are ready to lift your business to new heights.

We’d love to introduce ourselves here but the SEO industry is tightly knit and we might receive death threats if we did.

But don’t worry, once you’ve decided to work with Webzilla, you’ll get to know us all.

We take pride in our work and ourselves.


🥰 1. No Retainers / Lock-in contracts

🥰 2. No Sign-up fees

🥰 3. Monthly deliverables and results reporting

🥰 4. 24/7 dashboard access to campaigns for full transparency

🥰 5. Pause or Cancel any time, instantly.

🥰 6. No notice periods.

So, that’s it for our story.

How about yours?

Care to chat?

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