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7 Effective Tips for Optimizing Your Web Copy

For all those who are not familiar with the concept of Web-Copywriting, this e-version of copywriting is a robust blade devised for a task that is, in comparison, considerably delicate. Preposterous and deviated as it may sound, a close insight will reveal that effective web-copywriting is indeed your weapon to cut through the clutters and reach seamlessly to your target audience, fulfilling the subtle task of telling and selling.

A key defense against the spam-content-forces, a good web-copy can engage your target audience, lure them to come back for more, convert your website into a sales machine, make or break your business, act as an elixir and instill verve into a dull and dreary website. Clearly, ‘sales’ is the web-copy’s playground; precisely why it becomes so important to have a chiseled and optimized web-copy. Your web-copy is where the money is.

7 effective tips for optimizing your web-copy

(These tips are not only constructive but also unfailing)

1. Interactivity: Do not waste the user’s time

Statistics prove that only 10% of the readers read in electronic media for leisure. For the rest 90% it’s always something they’d like to know and they’d like to know it fast. The first, the foremost and also the most important point to remember while writing for the web is to provide your readers concrete, bite size, palatable information coupled with a simple navigation system that will guide your users through your content without tempting them to navigate away.

2. Short and Sweet works wonders

Keeping it short and sweet is in deed a very effective technique in web-copywriting. Readers in the web read 25% slower and tend to get 75% more bored than they do in print. And hence in such a scenario the only possible remedy to engage your users to your site’s copy is to offer them spontaneity. Keep your facts arranged in simple short lines that speak to the point. Lengthy lines can create unnecessary confusion in the reader’s mind. Avoid jargons, syllables and rhythms.

3. Identify your Target Audience:

Before writing or preparing your web-copy, you must narrow on your target audience who plays a pivotal role in deciding the fate of your business. Your target audience forms an integral part of and is directly responsible for your commercial success; your mass being your business. Write a web-copy that connects and appeals to your target audience.

4. Seamless scanning

One of the vital points that render your copy optimized is seamless navigation and scanning. Break your content into headlines and sub-headlines that makes it easy for your readers to scan. Highlight the sentences or the words that you’d want your readers to see or you think is effective in communicating what your audience is looking for. Start with a gripping introduction and end with an apt conclusion. An article will only be registered if it is complete.

5. Accessibility: Speak the readers language like you are friends

Treat your audience like friends and not like marketing targets. A tat-e-tat with your readers could establish a unique bond between you and the readers ascertaining loyalty. Marry good content, language and humor and you’ll see how you earn loyal visitors like never before.

6. Keyword: a must.

No matter how elevated your content is, it is practically of no use without it having appropriate keywords. A good keyword density would not only negate any chances of it being lost in the web-world but also assure the users that this is just what they are looking for.

7. Proof-reading: Don’t spill water on your effort by not doing it.

Without proof reading your content will be complete, but half. Good information set in the milieu of bad sentence construction and wrong grammar will cancel its chances of harnessing a good audience. At the end of the day, web-copy is writing in plain English. It is important to keep your chops in place.

Tally and compare whether your website has what it takes to be optimized. For if it doesn’t, you always have the secret of 7!

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