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4 Link Building Tips You Should Integrate Into Your SMM

The world of social media is an ever growing one. New sites are popping up every day, and so-called gurus or experts in social media marketing are aplenty, but we rarely hear about link building experts utilizing social media marketing to help in their efforts. There is a known connection between social and search, but how about link building?

The obvious let down with social media links are the fact that many are nofollow. On a rare occasion you might find a dofollow social media link, but it’s highly unlikely. A Google search for dofollow social media sites yields old results that are outdated, but one post by WebQuirk has a few niche sites that might prove useful to you. The fact that most social networking sites are nofollow should not discount the fact that you can still use sites for link building.

Profile Links

Almost every social networking profile will allow you to add a link to your website. Utilize this on every profile you make. In addition, look at integrating links on your profile with anchor text when allowed. Don’t forget, many individual profile pages carry PR. Build up the PR of your social profile by commenting on blogs with a link back to your profile, putting badges on your site with links back to your social profile, or through other link building techniques. Pretty soon you’ll build up the PR on your profile site, and while the links are nofollow a PR 5 nofollow link still does carry some weight.

Contextual Blog Links

Import your blog whenever possible. Did you know that Facebook’s import your blog functionality populates into the notes section of your page, and that information is cached? Contextual links in the original blog post are imported and can be utilized when building links. The links, of course, are nofollow but still provide that little added benefit from a strong domain.

Short URLs

Search engines have begun caching and ranking individual tweets, and if you are utilizing a short URL that 301 redirects your links you can utilize Twitter to build links to your site. As an added oomph to your link building efforts try customizing the text in your short URL using your keyword or keyword phrase. Also place your keywords in the tweet, as Google has come out and stated that they indeed look at keywords in a tweet to ‘rank’ them.

Indirect Link Building

Utilizing your social media profiles to drive traffic and buzz around a piece of content is the best use, in my opinion, of using social networking for link building. Get people excited about a piece of ‘link worthy’ content, and they’ll be drawn to link back to you. These organic links are extremely valuable, and increases the likelihood of receiving high PR dofollow links from strong domains.

While link building through SMM may not be the desired route, this technique can provide you with valuable backlinks.

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